NOVA - Season 8

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NOVA - Season 8
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Title:NOVA - Season 8
Genre: Documentary
Air Date: 1981-01-06
Season Number: 8
Total Episodes: 20
PBS' premier science series helps viewers of all ages explore the science behind the headlines. Along the way, NOVA demystifies science and technology, and highlights the people involved in scientific pursuits.
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Doctors of Nigeria

Episode 1 : Doctors of Nigeria

A great secret lies locked inside the master...
January 06, 1981
Message in the Rocks

Episode 2 : Message in the Rocks

A NOVA showing the extraordinary discoveries of...
January 20, 1981
The Dead Sea Lives

Episode 3 : The Dead Sea Lives

Called the "teeth of the wind" by those who have...
January 27, 1981
Anatomy of a Volcano

Episode 4 : Anatomy of a Volcano

The controversy which exploded a century ago when...
February 10, 1981
The Science of Murder

Episode 5 : The Science of Murder

Many were delighted by the extraordinary special...
February 17, 1981
The Malady of Health Care

Episode 6 : The Malady of Health Care

You are not alone! Like it or not, every human...
February 24, 1981
Beyond the Milky Way

Episode 7 : Beyond the Milky Way

William H. Whyte's insightful and humorous look...
March 03, 1981
The Asteroid and the Dinosaur

Episode 8 : The Asteroid and the Dinosaur

Ever thought what it's like having your mirror...
March 10, 1981
Animal Olympians

Episode 9 : Animal Olympians

The beauty, endurance, and raw power of animals...
March 17, 1981
Resolution on Saturn

Episode 10 : Resolution on Saturn

It's over 300 years since Galileo turned his new...
August 25, 1981
Computers, Spies and Private Lives

Episode 11 : Computers, Spies and Private Lives

NOVA captures the breathtaking power and...
September 27, 1981
Why America Burns

Episode 12 : Why America Burns

NOVA presents a dramatic, exclusive film of the...
October 04, 1981
The Great Violin Mystery

Episode 13 : The Great Violin Mystery

NOVA takes an intimate look at Robert Tory...
October 11, 1981
Cosmic Fire

Episode 14 : Cosmic Fire

One of the biggest investigations in medical...
October 18, 1981
Locusts: War Without End

Episode 15 : Locusts: War Without End

What is it like not to be able to communicate...
October 25, 1981
Did Darwin Get It Wrong?

Episode 16 : Did Darwin Get It Wrong?

NOVA explores the past, present, and future of...
November 01, 1981
Artists in the Lab

Episode 17 : Artists in the Lab

NOVA shows how scientists go about creating new...
November 15, 1981
Notes of a Biology Watcher: A Film with Lewis Thomas

Episode 18 : Notes of a Biology Watcher: A Film with Lewis Thomas

NOVA visits San Francisco's...
November 22, 1981
City Spaces, Human Places

Episode 19 : City Spaces, Human Places

In this vivid study of mimicry and camouflage...
November 29, 1981

Episode 20 : Twins

What is aging? Why does it happen? Can it be...
December 06, 1981