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NOVA - Season 7
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Title:NOVA - Season 7
Genre: Documentary
Air Date: 1980-01-15
Season Number: 7
Total Episodes: 20
PBS' premier science series helps viewers of all ages explore the science behind the headlines. Along the way, NOVA demystifies science and technology, and highlights the people involved in scientific pursuits.
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The Elusive Illness

Episode 1 : The Elusive Illness

In one of the first films ever to come out of...
January 15, 1980
A is for Atom, B is for Bomb

Episode 2 : A is for Atom, B is for Bomb

One year in the intricate life of a coastal...
January 22, 1980
Living Machines

Episode 3 : Living Machines

Locked in the shale of the Western Rocky...
February 05, 1980
Portrait of a Killer

Episode 4 : Portrait of a Killer

Is interferon—known as IF in medical...
February 19, 1980
Umealit: The Whale Hunters

Episode 5 : Umealit: The Whale Hunters

On Wednesday, November 12, 1980, Voyager 1 is...
March 04, 1980
The Safety Factor

Episode 6 : The Safety Factor

Thomas Edison is the quintessential American...
March 11, 1980
A Mediterranean Prospect

Episode 7 : A Mediterranean Prospect

Water, water everywhere...but just how useful is...
March 18, 1980
Mr. Ludwig's Tropical Dreamland

Episode 8 : Mr. Ludwig's Tropical Dreamland

NOVA tells the story of still and cine...
March 25, 1980
The Pinks and the Blues

Episode 9 : The Pinks and the Blues

Is the fagara root a match for the stethoscope?...
September 30, 1980
The Cancer Detectives of Lin Xian

Episode 10 : The Cancer Detectives of Lin Xian

This program explores clues gathered from ancient...
October 07, 1980
The Sea Behind the Dunes

Episode 11 : The Sea Behind the Dunes

NOVA examines the Dead Sea. The lowest place on...
October 14, 1980
Do We Really Need the Rockes?

Episode 12 : Do We Really Need the Rockes?

When Mt. St. Helens erupted earlier this year, it...
October 28, 1980
The Big IF

Episode 13 : The Big IF

NOVA investigates what science can do in helping...
November 04, 1980
Voyager: Jupiter & Beyond

Episode 14 : Voyager: Jupiter & Beyond

Health care is no longer two aspirins and some...
November 11, 1980
The Wizard Who Spat on the Floor

Episode 15 : The Wizard Who Spat on the Floor

Sophisticated instruments used by astronomers...
November 18, 1980
The Water Crisis

Episode 16 : The Water Crisis

For 150 million years, dinosaurs dominated the...
November 25, 1980
Moving Still

Episode 17 : Moving Still

The beauty, endurance, and raw power of animals...
December 02, 1980
A Touch of Sensitivity

Episode 18 : A Touch of Sensitivity

It's over 300 years since Galileo turned his new...
December 09, 1980
The Red Deer of Rhum

Episode 19 : The Red Deer of Rhum

NOVA reports on the potential danger of modern...
December 23, 1980
It's About Time

Episode 20 : It's About Time

More people die in fires in the US than in any...
December 30, 1980