NOVA - Season 5

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NOVA - Season 5
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Title:NOVA - Season 5
Genre: Documentary
Air Date: 1978-01-04
Season Number: 5
Total Episodes: 20
PBS' premier science series helps viewers of all ages explore the science behind the headlines. Along the way, NOVA demystifies science and technology, and highlights the people involved in scientific pursuits.
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In The Event of Catastrophe

Episode 1 : In The Event of Catastrophe

Can a nuclear war be survived? Some members of...
January 04, 1978
Blueprints in the Bloodstream

Episode 2 : Blueprints in the Bloodstream

Part one of a two-part series on the subject of...
January 18, 1978
One Small Step (1)

Episode 3 : One Small Step (1)

Second of the two-part series on space programs,...
January 25, 1978
The Final Frontier (2)

Episode 4 : The Final Frontier (2)

In the rain forests of Zaire, in the heart of...
February 01, 1978
BaMiki BaNdula: Children of the Forest

Episode 5 : BaMiki BaNdula: Children of the Forest

In a dramatic docudrama, NOVA reconstructs the...
February 15, 1978
Trial Of Denton Cooley

Episode 6 : Trial Of Denton Cooley

A science-based revolution in the making of wine...
February 22, 1978
The Great Wine Revolution

Episode 7 : The Great Wine Revolution

NOVA investigates the theories of von Daniken and...
March 01, 1978
The Case Of The Ancient Astronauts

Episode 8 : The Case Of The Ancient Astronauts

Today's scientists may be creating their own...
March 08, 1978
The Mind Machines

Episode 9 : The Mind Machines

In the summer of 1977 Paul MacCready, a...
March 22, 1978
Icarus' Children

Episode 10 : Icarus' Children

NOVA shows a year in the life of a beaver pond...
March 29, 1978
Still Waters

Episode 11 : Still Waters

The fortified plateau above Athens known as the...
April 12, 1978
Battle For The Acropolis

Episode 12 : Battle For The Acropolis

Henry Ford, a great friend of Edison, was a film...
April 19, 1978
Road To Happiness

Episode 13 : Road To Happiness

When first invented 18 years ago, lasers were...
May 03, 1978
Light Of The 21st Century

Episode 14 : Light Of The 21st Century

In a world that each year loses up to 40 percent...
May 10, 1978
The Insect Alternative

Episode 15 : The Insect Alternative

For thousands of years people have managed to...
May 24, 1978
The Desert's Edge

Episode 16 : The Desert's Edge

NOVA explores Bovine sleeping sickness. Spread by...
May 31, 1978
The Tse Tse Trap

Episode 17 : The Tse Tse Trap

Traditionally zoos were designed neither for...
June 07, 1978
Memories From Eden

Episode 18 : Memories From Eden

In 1965, Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson, two...
June 14, 1978
A Whisper From Space

Episode 19 : A Whisper From Space

Congress is currently considering a proposal that...
June 21, 1978
Alaska: The Closing Frontier

Episode 20 : Alaska: The Closing Frontier

Congress is currently considering a proposal that...
June 28, 1978