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NOVA - Season 34
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Title:NOVA - Season 34
Genre: Documentary
Air Date: 2006-09-05
Season Number: 34
Total Episodes: 15
PBS' premier science series helps viewers of all ages explore the science behind the headlines. Along the way, NOVA demystifies science and technology, and highlights the people involved in scientific pursuits.
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Building on Ground Zero

Episode 1 : Building on Ground Zero

Can lessons learned from the Twin Towers'...
September 05, 2006
Mystery of the Megavolcano

Episode 2 : Mystery of the Megavolcano

Researchers unearth clues about the greatest...
September 26, 2006
The Deadliest Plane Crash

Episode 3 : The Deadliest Plane Crash

On March 27, 1977, on the island of Tenerife, two...
October 17, 2006
Monster of the Milky Way

Episode 4 : Monster of the Milky Way

Astronomers are closing in on the proof they've...
October 31, 2006
Wings of Madness

Episode 5 : Wings of Madness

The flamboyant rise and tragic death of...
November 07, 2006
Family That Walks on All Fours

Episode 6 : Family That Walks on All Fours

Experts explore the mysterious story of five...
November 14, 2006
Underwater Dream Machine

Episode 7 : Underwater Dream Machine

Follow one man's dream to engeneer a submarine...
December 26, 2006
Forgotten Genius

Episode 8 : Forgotten Genius

The grandson of Alabama slaves, Percy Julian met...
February 06, 2007
The Last Great Ape

Episode 9 : The Last Great Ape

Scientists return to the jungles of Congo to...
February 13, 2007
Kings of Camouflage

Episode 10 : Kings of Camouflage

Join NOVA on a voyage beneath the waves, where...
April 03, 2007
First Flower

Episode 11 : First Flower

In the remote mountains of China, scientist come...
April 17, 2007
Saved by the Sun

Episode 12 : Saved by the Sun

As the Earth heats up at a dangerous rate and...
April 24, 2007
Pocahontas Revealed

Episode 13 : Pocahontas Revealed

The recent archeological discovery of the Native...
May 08, 2007
Bone Diggers

Episode 14 : Bone Diggers

NOVA follows a group of paleontologists to a cave...
June 19, 2007
The Great Inca Rebellion

Episode 15 : The Great Inca Rebellion

Through a mix of crime-lab science, archeology,...
June 26, 2007