NOVA - Season 20

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NOVA - Season 20
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Title:NOVA - Season 20
Genre: Documentary
Air Date: 1993-01-05
Season Number: 20
Total Episodes: 20
PBS' premier science series helps viewers of all ages explore the science behind the headlines. Along the way, NOVA demystifies science and technology, and highlights the people involved in scientific pursuits.
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The Hunt for Saddam's Secret Weapons

Episode 1 : The Hunt for Saddam's Secret Weapons

In a 90-minute special presentation, NOVA reveals...
January 05, 1993
Can Bombing Win a War?

Episode 2 : Can Bombing Win a War?

The Gulf War was fought in 38 days of non-stop...
January 19, 1993
The Deadly Deception

Episode 3 : The Deadly Deception

For four decades, 400 African American men from...
January 26, 1993
Nazis and the Russian Bomb

Episode 4 : Nazis and the Russian Bomb

NOVA tells the story of the German scientists...
February 02, 1993
In the Path of a Killer Volcano

Episode 5 : In the Path of a Killer Volcano

NOVA covers scientists on the brink of a...
February 09, 1993
Can Science Build a Champion Athlete?

Episode 6 : Can Science Build a Champion Athlete?

Athletes are training smarter, running faster,...
February 16, 1993
Diving for Pirate Gold

Episode 7 : Diving for Pirate Gold

These days, piracy on the high seas often...
February 23, 1993
Murder, Rape and DNA

Episode 8 : Murder, Rape and DNA

Wherever we shed our body cells, we leave an...
March 02, 1993
The Lost Tribe

Episode 9 : The Lost Tribe

NOVA covers both sides of the stormy controversy...
March 30, 1993
The NOVA Quiz

Episode 10 : The NOVA Quiz

NOVA fans from around the country match wits in a...
October 05, 1993
Wanted: Butch and Sundance

Episode 11 : Wanted: Butch and Sundance

Forensic sleuth Clyde Snow and a posse of experts...
October 12, 1993
Secrets of the Psychics

Episode 12 : Secrets of the Psychics

Secrets of the Psychics was a PBS NOVA episode...
October 19, 1993
Dying to Breathe

Episode 13 : Dying to Breathe

NOVA covers the tense vigil of three people with...
October 26, 1993
Shadow of the Condor

Episode 14 : Shadow of the Condor

NOVA soars with the condor, an extraordinary bird...
November 02, 1993
The Real Jurassic Park

Episode 15 : The Real Jurassic Park

With help from director Steven Spielberg, author...
November 09, 1993
Roller Coaster!

Episode 16 : Roller Coaster!

NOVA takes viewers on the ride of their lives as...
November 16, 1993
Mysterious Crash of Flight 201

Episode 17 : Mysterious Crash of Flight 201

US federal investigators are called in to...
November 30, 1993
Great Moments from NOVA

Episode 18 : Great Moments from NOVA

Bill Cosby guides viewers through the most...
December 07, 1993
The Best Mind Since Einstein

Episode 19 : The Best Mind Since Einstein

A profile of the late Richard Feynman—atomic...
December 21, 1993
Stranger in the Mirror

Episode 20 : Stranger in the Mirror

NOVA explores the nature of human perception...
December 28, 1993